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gliding sidebar...

This sidebar is inserted by Menu-Magic and automatically glides up and down to remain visible as the menu operates.

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Other Examples:

Painted Charcoal Demo

Menu-Magic Main


imagine the possibilities

MenuMagic Bonus Menu 1

a cool Menu-Magic feature...

You can set any page to open with any of your Sub-Menu layers expanded! Menu-Magic was months in the making. It is an extremely powerful suite of Extensions that work in seamless harmony to enable you to make ultra-intuitive and totally cool menu systems... in less time than it took you to read this paragraph!

Your menus can also be controlled externally. To see what we mean, click here to open the third menu. Click again to close it.

What do you get?

Menu-Magic Extension Kits™ come with a detailed User Guide, 3 sets of buttons (including the editable Fireworks files), 3 completed sample menus, and the integrated Extension suite that enables you to build, control, and modify your menu!

Happy Menuing!
The PVII Team