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This sidebar is inserted by Menu-Magic and automatically glides up and down to remain visible as the menu operates.

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Want to make dhtml menus that are not only cool, but functional? Want to have full editing control within your Dreamweaver window? Hey... you've come to the right place! The Menu-Magic DHTML Glider Extension-Kit™ by PVII is a powerful Dreamweaver tool that enables you to insert a smooth-gliding collapsible menu on your page (just like the one at left)... in about 10 seconds. All you have to do is point to the button images (make your own or use ours)... Menu-Magic does the rest!

it's autoMagic

When you click the Menu-Magic icon on your Objects Panel, you are presented with an interface that allows you to choose as many image buttons as you want. For each button you choose, Menu-Magic creates a Sub-Menu Layer. You can then optionally choose to use table-based Sub-Menu Layers, insert a Style Sheet, set menu speed, position the menu, indent the Sub-Menus, and use a bottom Layer that is always visible beneath the menu structure. Layer sizing and naming is all taken care of for you... and, if you choose the Style Sheet option, your menu is inserted on the page fully styled!

have it your way

Menu-Magic menus are fully editable. Once the menu is inserted on your page, you can add any type of content you wish inside the layers. If you need to add a new Sub-Menu, choose Modify Menu-Magic 1 from the Studio VII flyout on your Dreamweaver Modify Menu. The Menu-Magic window will open with your current menu configuration intact. Simply add a new button and click OK. Your menu will be updated instantly!

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